The word Laya comes from Sanskrit origin, which implies disintegration or blending. The yogic craftsmanship is also called Kundalini yoga, as Kundalini vitality is raised and accomplishes by profound contemplation (dhyana). Laya yoga causes people to achieve the dimension of incomparable awareness. Like some other yoga structure, yoga starts with focused breathing and soft extending activities.

 How to perform laya yoga:

  • A performer positions himself in Siddhasana mudra. 
  • Afterwards, he leans himself upwards with shut eyelids 
  • He keeps his concentration on the region (space without hair) between eyes. 
  • He puts his right hand on left ear and right on noses to close both of them.
  • Tune in to the outer sounds through right ear. The sound will end up conspicuous, clear and appear beating. Bit by bit, the sound you are listening will turn out to be delicate. 
  • This expansion fixation as mind keeps on keeping track sound with no diversions, which will convey the quieting impact. 
  • Practice it daily until your body is at peace.

Benefits of laya yoga:

Laya yoga has many benefits like;

This very profiting yoga structure joins the excellence of contemplation with the act of sound for accomplishing the condition of ‘Ananda’, where in one finds the most elevated amount of satisfaction and gigantic harmony. The training profits the sensory system as the sound of the body is concentrated upon. Fundamentally, it includes around 5 principle focuses present in the spine and 2 in the head. Yoga of assimilation gives you a harmony, by beating challenges and negatives. The training could likewise prompt Turiya, known as the fourth dimension of awareness.

If you practice it daily, it provides a lot of energy and relaxation and also provides many benefits to your whole body.