Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is basically the type of yoga. In which hatha yoga is the main branch of the tradition of south Asia. The word yoga is a Sanskrita term derived from root ‘yuj’ , which mean adding ,joining or uniting. Basically the literally meaning of hatha yoga is “Union through discipline of Force” according to the physical techniques. Now a day’s many people understand yoga as synonym of poses (postures) and movement. Matsyendranath is the mythical founder of hatha yoga, his also called by the name Minanath.

 Hatha yoga is used for releasing stress and attaining spiritual perfection, in which our mind is totally withdrawn from the external activities or object. In our west areas the hatha yoga has achieve popularity as a name of exercise that can be used to develop strength, flexibility, relaxation of body, mentally satisfaction or concentration. Hatha yoga is point out forcely on physical body. Yoga is the mother of all sciences. The science is experimentally proved that the hatha Yoga has all tools of maintaining health in good condition, evolution and libration.

Hatha yoga is improves Balance and postures. It can stretch and spine that makes you look confident and taller. Some major benefits of hatha yoga are as following:

Healthy heart: Thepostures of hatha yoga helps the body to controlling hypertension tension disease. The hatha yoga improves the flow of blood.

Clear and skinny skin:  practice of hatha yoga purifies the whole body inside out. And it eliminates the toxins and granting inner glow and a peachy glow. 

Lubricates and joints: The hatha yoga is very deeply works on the different joints of bodyand it helps them to get their full range of motion. In our daily life the joint of our body is not works properly, so we can improve our mobility in joints with the help of hatha yoga.

Stress Reliever: Nowadays in our daily life the lots of burden of works feels us stress. So a natural way to relieve stress is to perform some hatha poses. It helps for gaining the mental health and positivity.