Diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Level 3) Course


This package of Credentials provides a authentic and wide opportunity for Learners
seeking career and expert growth. They will assistance Students in realizing
their prospective and by organization the leads of the organizations they perform together with or

The goals of this Certification are to:

  • Provide career assistance to Students who wish to create their good care and career possibilities in their chosen sector;
  • Improve understanding of the and public good care atmosphere, company and how they are handled and developed; and
  • Develop capabilities and capabilities in Students to back up their expert growth.


The Certification provides a rich mix of professions and capabilities development
opportunities. Students will obtain knowing into the performing, goals and processes
of organizations, admiring their variety and the impacts and impact of
external causes on them. The fast changing and sophisticated wellness insurance public care
environment and different organisation’s capability to stay long lasting and respond
positively to change and possibilities will be researched.
Management of a variety of wellness insurance public good care functions and functions and
challenges for organizations will present Students to concept, practice and models
that can offer valuable information and know-how. The problems and ideas dealt
with as part of this package of Credentials are best researched through visibility to
organisations, for any full-time Students perform positions are motivated so that
genuine encounter and knowing can be obtained. Troubleshooting and creativeness are
attributes motivated and designed in Students through all the Models.

The Credentials will create the Learner’s capability to:

  • Apply systematic and evaluative techniques and to boost those skills;
    investigate problems and opportunities;
  • Develop their attention and admiration of managing, organisational and ecological issues;
  • Make use of relevant information from different sources;
    develop and motivate issue fixing and creativeness to deal with problems and challenges;
  • Exercise reasoning, own and be responsible for choices and actions; and
    develop to be able to acknowledge and consider individual studying and improve their individual, public and other transferable capabilities.

Course content

There are compulsory and optionally available units for this Certification. All units cover a
number of subjects with regards to studying results.
Learners are needed to complete 6 segments to achieve the 60 features needed to
gain the Stage 3 Degree in Company Advancement and Business. Students will
be predicted to be present at lessons and classes that will present the topic.
Formative tests (weighted at 0%) may be used in lessons or guides to check
knowledge and data of specific subjects and topic. Models require
reflective examination sets and/or summative tests for tagging.

The Degree requires 3 Mandatory Models and a minimum of 2 Optional Units:

Mandatory Units

  • Innovation for Business: 10 Credits
  • English for Company Communication: 10 Credits
  • Thinking Entrepreneurially: 10 Credits

Optional Units

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Company Planning: 15 Credits
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing: 15 Credits
  • Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting: 15 Credits

Who is this course for?

The Certification has been created to create and compensate business founders and
entrepreneurs of today and the future, and to continue to bring identification and
professionalism to a variety of areas.
It is imagined that this program will motivate both educational and professional
development so that your learners progress to realize not just their own
potential but also that of organizations across a variety of areas.
The Degree is approved at Stage 3 with an overall equivalence of 60 features. It is
envisaged that learners finishing the Stage 3 Degree will improvement to the Stage 4
Certificate in Company Control.


The applicants will be predicted to meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Level 2 Qualifications; or
  2. Learners who have expertise in the and public good care industry and illustrate aspirations with clear career goals; or
  3. Level 3 qualification in another self-discipline and want to create their professions operating.

Career path

Learners finishing the Stage 3 Degree in Company innovation and Entrepreneurship
will be permitted to improvement to Stage 4 Certification in Company Control, or the first year of undergrad research in a related subject; or directly into employment in an associated career.



Payment options

9 several weeks program (Total fee: GBP £1099)
£220 x 5 monthly installments

Study method

Online, self-paced


9 Months


Stage 3 Degree in Advancement and Business

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