Human Flourishing

This afternoon my wife asked if I needed anything for the forthcoming school year. After my obligatory response of a pencil sharpener and a Batman lunch box, I responded in the negative. I have enough stuff, and I am eager to start my 3rd year of graduate school independent of the contents of any back-to-school sales. In many respects, I’m more enthused for the start of this forthcoming academic year than I have been for any prior year. In no small measure, my enthusiasm for the forthcoming school year is related to the course that I am assistant teaching this Fall.

The Wisconsin Idea is alive and well!

The invitation to join The Art and Science of Human Flourishing teaching team was an honor, and I immediately jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this innovative initiative. I’m a bit wistful that such a course wasn’t offered when I was an undergraduate at The University of Minnesota, though I’m happy to pay forward whatever I may have learned from an adulthood immersed in studying meditation, movement and Yoga.

This course will explore flourishing through three lenses; through the lens of science, through the lens of wisdom traditions, and via direct experience. I love seeing the findings of science steeped with the humanities’ consideration of the human condition, and I am happy for the undergrads that may benefit from directly experiencing the wisdom that flows from both of these streams.

This course begins the week after Labor Day, and runs the duration of the 15-week Fall semester. Amidst writing a thesis proposal and coursework (statistics), I hope to post periodic updates.

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